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Poll: What Browser Are You Using These Days?

I used to be a die hard Firefox fan. Just check the “Software” category on this blog. You’ll see dozens of posts about Firefox, related news and favorite extensions. Then one day Google announced it was going to launch a browser….

As you probably know that browser is called Google Chrome. When it came out I decided to give it a try, just to know what was going on. I had no plans at all to switch, as I was very happy with Firefox.

At first I liked it a bit, but it didn’t have all my extensions, my bookmarks, and things were a bit different, so I kept using Firefox.

Somehow once in a while I would open Chrome and browse a bit with it, and over time I started to notice how faster it was compared to Firefox.

Long story short within a couple of weeks I had ditched Firefox completely in favor of Chrome, and these days it’s just a pain to use Firefox because it’s much, much slower in my opinion. Curiously I haven’t added any extensions to Chrome at all, and I am doing just fine in that regard.

I haven’t tried Firefox 5, and while I still think it’s a solid browser, I think I’ll be sticking to Chrome now.

But I figured maybe not everyone feels like this. Hence the poll. Share with us your favorite browser, and drop a comment if you want to elaborate your thoughts.

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