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Don’t Put Your Ego Above Your Productivity

As soon as your website starts growing I am sure you’ll start receiving all sorts of crazy emails. There will be people claiming you are dumb and that your content sucks. People asking really stupid questions that could be solved with a quick Google search. People confusing you with someone else and so on.

What should you do in those situations?

If you listen to your ego, you’ll certainly want to answer. That is what I used to do as well. For example, I often get emails from people confusing my company (called Online Profits) with some other companies and courses (e.g., “Quick Online Profits”, “30 Days to Online Profits” and so on). Here’s one of such emails I got recently:

To whom it may concern.

I have 2 charges on my credit card ending with the numbers 2719, one charge for 2.97 usd from online profits and another charge from

I have already investigated and know that you are sister companies. I have already sent an email and a phone call to someone who did not appear to want to speak with me.

I am asking you to immediately refund any charges to my credit card and please remove all data and information you may have of me including my email address. I have already stated and am doing so again. Your company, companies are a scam and I’ll go to any length to insure that you stop charging my credit card as requested.

My bank and visa is supporting me on this matter and I urge you to immediately contact me to verify that you will stop charging my credit card for any membership charges, or for any charges at all. I honestly do not know what the charges are for and furthermore I did not sign up for anything that asked me or told me I would incur monthly charges.

My answer was the following:


I have no clue regarding what you are talking about. If you visit our website you’ll realize we have no products for sale right now. All we offer is a free ebook and a free course. So how on earth would we be able to put a charge on your credit card?

Second, we never heard about that other company you are talking about.

Third, if you keep making false allegations about our company we might require you to prove them in court. So please check your facts before emailing random companies.

The guy obviously didn’t reply, as he must have realized his confusion.

Did I gain anything by replying, though? Nope.

Did I lose anything? Yep, my time.

Sure, it took 5 minutes to write that email. But what if you start replying to every single stupid email you receive? It will add up.

The solution? Tell your ego to shut up and simply ignore stuff that will not help your business.

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