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The Functional Wallpaper

Over the years I have changed my computer wallpaper many times. In the beginning it was only the default Windows image. Then I started using pictures of things I wanted to achieve. Then I developed the anti-procrastination wallpaper….

Some time last year, however, I started noticing that my desktop was getting cluttered with too many files and folders, and it was becoming hard to find what I needed fast. That is why I decided to create what I call the functional wallpaper. Here is a picture:

The idea is not mine. I believe I had seen something like this either on the web or on some friend’s computer long time ago. You basically create a background image with sections, and then you organize the icons and files inside these sections. For instance, I have one section for general stuff, one for my backups, one for programming stuff, and one for each of my main websites.

It is working like a charm, so it will probably be a while before I decide to change it. If you are having a hard time finding stuff on your desktop too, give it a shot.

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