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Best Firefox Add-ons: FastestFox

It’s Monday, so time to review another useful Firefox add-on. Today I’ll talk about FastestFox, which intends to make surfing the web with Firefox faster and more efficient.

A come across this extension a while ago when I was using my brother’s computer. I browsed down to the bottom of a Google search results page, and Firefox automatically loaded the second page of results below it (i.e., without the need to click onto a second page). I found the trick really neat, and then I discovered it was FastestFox doing it (not to be confused with FasterFox, an add-on used tweak network and rendering setting in Firefox).

There are other useful features too, including:

  • The ability to add related search results from other search engines inside Google.
  • The ability to see definitions of specific words and terms just by highlighting them (you can either use a pop-up or open the respective Wikipedia page)
  • Improved searches through the URL bar (now you can see results in real time, ala Google Instant).
  • An efficient bookmark interface called qLauncher which allows you to quickly open your favorite sites.
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