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Lachy G., an old time Daily Blog Tips reader, contacted me to let me know that he launched a website aimed at web designers and web developers, called

What is the site all about? It basically features book reviews, articles and interviews about web development in general. If you browse the books section, in fact, you will find a big list of books for Javascript, PHP, AJAX, ASP and so on.

He also published a recent interview with Chris Garrett. Here is a quote from it:

Can you talk about the time commitment in writing a book, was there much research, or have you always been able to just publish your personal views and opinions on the various topics you have written about?

I think everyone underestimates how long a book will take. Not just the writing either, the whole process takes *months*. You can never just splurge your thoughts out if you want it to be a top quality book, you must be sure of what you are saying is both true and will work for the reader. With publishing online you can send it out and correct or tweak based on feedback. You don’t have that luxury in print so everything must be checked, checked and checked.

Overall I think it is a nice idea, and if they manage to keep adding fresh content like interviews and book reviews, it will be a nice resource for web developers. Check it out.

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