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Fry Healthy Tricks

Fry is the best way of cooking is not recommended by most nutrition experts because it adds to the fat content in foods. Then, what we then have to stop eating fried crisp, crunchy, and tasty it?

It seems impossible for most of us, especially the tongue pristine Indonesia. Let me not feel too bad, let us follow the various tricks. So we can bite the kemripik fried, without piling up bad fats and excess calories in the body.

Fried food product is not completely "bad" for our bodies because it still contains nutrients. In fact, the nutrients in foods that are fried suffered minimal damage to more than the food is boiled, baked, steamed, and other processing methods. Protein content in fried foods are also relatively intact for almost the same as the raw materials.

However, the oil or fat content of fried foods is higher than the raw materials. That is why we are often advised not to eat fried foods did not increase blood cholesterol levels.

We also need to choose cooking oil savory flavor, stable or not easily rancid, and nutritional value, such as unsaturated fatty acids are high. However, be reminded that the unsaturated fats will be broken at high temperatures and can turn into trans fats, which can cause blood cholesterol levels rise.

Almost all types of oil containing saturated and unsaturated fats, just different levels. According to data from the POS Pilot Plant Corporation, Canada, coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids of about 91 percent, while the unsaturated fatty acids of 9 percent; palm oil 51 cent saturated fat; 49 percent saturated fat; peanut oil (19:81), soybean oil (15:85), olive oil (15:85); corn oil (13 `.87), sunflower oil (12:88), canola oil (7:93).

Smoke Point Height

Oils with high smoke-point (at high temperatures is not easy smoky), indicating a good quality oil. Smoke point is the temperature when the oil is heated before exiting the smoke, and discolored; which is an indication of changes in the composition in the oil. When it will issue oil smoky odor and make food taste so bad makanah. The temperature when frying to be precise. If the oil has not been hot, the food is immersed, will cause the food to absorb too much oil.

If it is too hot, fast food will burn while the interior is not yet ripe. After frying, the food better-drained (can be with a special paper) to reduce the levels of oil.

There are several ways to fry, namely shallow frying or frying with a little oil is suitable for meat or food is sliced ​​thin. That uses a semi-deep frying oils with a high half of the fried ingredients; suitable-for thicker pieces, such as cakes. Fry with lots of oil (deep frying) suitable for fish, chicken, croquettes, etc., while sauteing (stir frying) uses very little oil.

Tips on cooking oil so durable:

- Frying washed and dried properly.
- Use a stainless steel pan, avoid copper materials.
- Drain, drain, remove the clot of ice on food to be fried.
- Heat the oil slowly and enter the food setefah hot oil.
- Note the temperature of the frying pan, so food does not absorb much tothe oil.
- Clean the sediment or crust (food scraps) in a frying pan.
- Add the oil so that the ratio of oil: the material adatah 6: 1.
- After frying oil is cooled and then filtered.
- Keep container closed datam oil, in the dark and cool.
- If you want to use, add fresh oil
- If the form of foam berartu damaged oil, contain toxic substances and should be discarded.

New Oil Change

In order for fried foods that we make at home to stay healthy, do not hesitate to change the oil.
When cooking oil should be replaced with a new one?

- If you have changed color to brown, even black.
- Smelly, very strong, much less rancid.
- Excessive smoke at normal temperatures.
- Appears Excessive foaming around the food being fried
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