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Best Firefox Add-ons: LastPass Password Manager

If you are a web geek you certainly have dozens of passwords from different services and websites. Gmail, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, cPanel, GoDaddy, you name it.

On top of that you also need to make sure that each password is unique, and preferably long and complex, else they would become a security risk.

How do you manage all that without going crazy? With a password manager, obviously. Password managers are programs that will store your passwords securely (i.e., with encryption), and you just need to remember the master password.

There are many desktop based managers, but there is also a Firefox add-on called LastPass that gets the job done.

The advantage of using the extension is that you might sync it with different computers, and that you’ll be able to auto-fill login forms, logging into your favorite websites with single click. It works on any operating system where you can install Firefox.

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